Metal Cladding Installation Services

Our metal cladding insulation services protect your insulation from rain, wind, and snow, as well as fitting the look and feel of your building.


What is Metal Cladding?

Metal cladding is a heavy-duty and cost-effective way of protecting your insulated pipework, ductwork, and valves from inclement weather. It comes in a variety of thicknesses, styles, and finishes, meaning no matter the style of your building; there’s a metal cladding that is the perfect match.

As a metal cladding insulation provider, we’ll manufacture, deliver, and install the right metal cladding for your project. This means you get a customised metal cladding installation service tailored to your needs.


What Metal Cladding Installation services do we offer?


Protect your pipework and enhance it with a modern, industrial finish.


Safeguard your ventilation system, maintain temperature, and protect against high or low temperatures.

Valves & Flanges

Install metal boxes, valves, and flanges that seal your pipes and protect them from external elements.

Vessels & Tanks

Improve the resistance of your vessels and tanks with high-quality metal cladding.


Why pick us for your Metal Cladding Installation services?

A Professional Service

With over a decade in the metal cladding installation industry, we’re perfectly placed to support your project. From initial enquiry to final handover, we deliver your work on time, to budget, and with complete transparency at every stage.

Skilled Work Across All Industries

We have experience working for commercial, industrial, and domestic organisations. No project is too large or complex for our highly qualified, friendly, and experienced metal cladding installation specialists.

A Tailored Solution for your needs

No two buildings are alike, and we will work with you to ensure you get the best out of your metal cladding. We’ll advise which materials are the most cost-effective and which finish will best complement the look and feel of your building.

A one-stop shop for all your insulation requirements

Our experienced team offer a wide range of services. We don’t just provide metal cladding installation but also thermal insulation, trace heating, and acoustic installation. No matter what you need, we’re here to provide an environmentally friendly solution that will serve your building in the years to come.

Metal Cladding Installation

Committed to providing environmentally aware insulation services for our customers



Metal cladding is installed over insulation to protect against adverse weather conditions. It’s also non-combustible and can slow the spread of fire.

As the metal comes in various designs, it is often used to hide insulation and enhance the style of the building while protecting the insulation underneath.g.

Metal cladding has several tangible benefits and, as a result, is used on many construction projects.

It protects against wind, rain, snow, and changes in temperature, and as it’s so durable, it can stay in place for several decades. tIt also has fire-resistant qualities, meaning it will slow the spread of fire in an emergency situation.

Metal cladding also offers a unique aesthetic effect, meaning it’s not only practical, but also decorative.

When we work with you, we’ll measure your building to see how much cladding you need and talk you through the different options available. That way, you’ll know how much your metal cladding will cost.



Whether you want to find out about sheet metal cladding installation or need a quick quote for your project, we’re happy to help. Contact our friendly team today.