Trace Heat Installation

Our trace heat installation services mean you can quickly and efficiently heat your pipes, protecting them from freezing and potential damage.


What is Trace Heat Installation?

Trace heat installation uses cables to heat pipes and vessels to a specific temperature, preventing freezing and ensuring the contents within stay safe. You can customise the heating system as needed.

We will supply, deliver, and install the right trace heating system for your project.


What Trace Heat Installation services do we offer?


Protect your pipes from freezing and keep them at an ambient temperature.


Keep your liquids and water stored at the right temperature.


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No two buildings are alike, and we will work with you to ensure you get the best out of your trace heat installation.

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Our experienced team offer a wide range of services, including. acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, and fire protection. No matter what you need, we’re here to provide an environmentally friendly solution that will serve your building in the years to come.

Trace heat installation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trace heating (or trace heat) is an electrical heating system which uses small cables to keep pipes and other vessels warm.

Trace heating prevents pipes, boilers, tanks, and vessels from freezing. For example, during winter, when trace heating can prevent pipes from becoming frozen or damaged.

Trace heating can also be used to keep pipes and vessels from going below a specific temperature. They are often used to keep hot water pipes at the right temperature to prevent the spread of legionella bacteria.



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